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We are Community Coupons!
An established and recognizable coupon advertising agency.
We provide direct mailing services of coupon booklets to New York and New Jersey residents, helping businesses flourish within their community.


Est. in 1990 Community Coupons has been helping businesses thrive in their community. It goes without say that all businesses need to advertise to get business and grow. In a perfect advertising campaign the money you spend on advertising should return at the very least the amount of money you invested. If you spend $400 and make $400 in return on your investment you not only make the $400 to cover your advertising, you also acquire new clients for future sales. But thats not enough for us, we want your ad to make you money, this way advertising with us is a no brainer. Which is why we keep our prices low and offer $100 off your first coupons mailing.


89% of shoppers use printed coupons when shopping. 61% of Millennials look for coupons in their mail, prior to shopping. Our coupon book is small and convenient so consumers can cary it around with them in their purse, car etc. Coupons are a proven success. In 1888 a business owner by the name of Asa Candler bought a little company called “Coca Cola” and began distributing thousands of coupons for a free glass of Coca-Cola in the mail. His “coupon mailing campaign” was a huge success! Between 1894-1913, more than 8.5 million coupons were redeemed at soda fountains across the US and Coca-Cola–and the “coupon”become household names.


Community Coupons is the most affordable coupon distribution in the Tri-State area. We looked at Direct Mail Advertising Businesses and thought what makes a Direct Mailing Campaign successful for the businesses that advertise. First; Coupons, the reason why people are going to keep a direct mailing is because it not only shows a company exists, but offers  the goods or services they offer at a discounted rate. Whether it be a dollar amount or percentage off. The customer now has an incentive to save the mailing. The second reason is affordability. We keep our coupons small and to the point. We save money on ink, design labor and mailing cost and pass the savings on to you, the client.

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Our Team

Mathew Rosencrans

Our story is intertwined with the unrelenting passion of Matt Rosencrans. As a high school grad in 1982, Mathew started Book Ad Advertising, a company that sold ads to local businesses in Long Island. With a band of schoolmates, the ambitious entrepreneur collected the ads and printed them onto wraparound book covers which were then distributed for free in schools. The marketing idea proved genius and more businesses bought into the idea.

Through college, Matt Rosencrans pushed on with the idea even after his friends dropped out of the venture. By the end of it all, he had already covered 30 schools in Long Island alone. The advertising passion drove him to New York where he started Take Out, an ad book consisting of 200 restaurants. Users had to call a central number to place orders and this way the advertiser got his commission.

The Community Coupons Story In 1990, after moving back to Long Island, Matt Rosencrans started the Community Coupons book which revolutionized the way coupons were distributed. Initially businesses had their coupons collected in the coupon book which was then distributed through supermarkets.

Today our COMMUNITY COUPONS coupon book is mailed directly to thousands of households in New York and beyond. The comprehensive book covers all types of business categories from restaurants to car dealerships and everything in between. We offer the best rates in the city because we have already created a large distribution network.

Advertise your coupons in our book your business benefits through association with bigger brands in the area. Customers looking for other brands will come across your promotions and decide to give you a try. Our coupon book is also appealing and everyone who gets their hands on it will instantly start flipping through for the best deals.

We currently cover Nassau, Suffolk and parts of upstate New York, as well as Bergen, Monmouth, Union, Essex and Morris counties in New Jersey.

Community Coupons Zone Maps

Suffolk County

Nassau County

New Jersey Zone 1

New Jersey Zone 2

If you are a resident in one of the areas we deliver coupon books to and you haven’t received a book, click on the link below to sign an affidavit and we will mail you a replacement book.


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Coupon Books


Our Clients

In over 25 years we have made some beautiful relationships with some wonderful businesses. Below please find some of these business’ that we are happy to showcase and call our friends


  • Excellent Experience. One of the best Direct Mailing Companies I have ever used. Every minor detail was been taken care of. Clean, Modern Design that can be used for future marketing.

    Jason Alexander
    Manager at Cartridge World
  • One of the most successful mailings I have ever used. Our first ad was not getting many responses and then Matt was great and helped me with my offer, we changed the ad and the phone started ringing!! The first few clients paid for a years worth of advertising and now we make a significant profit off running our ads. It’s nice when you know marketing funds where well spent!

    Sean McManus
    Question Y Media
  • Great customer service. The designers at Community Coupons are very talented.

    Jane Lampard
    Owner at Re-Cellular

Our Pricing

Below, please find our pricing for a page in one of our direct mailing coupon books.
If you need Logo Design or Post Card pricing, please call 1-800-346-3130

Introductory Offer
$399 /Edition
  • One Zone
  • Coupon Layout
  • Art Work
  • Help w/ Promotional Offer
Standard Plan
$499 /Month
  • One Region
  • Coupon Layout
  • Art Work
  • Help w/ Promotional Offer

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